10 Dec 2015

The USA is about to end

America is destroying the already destroyed country of Yemen, causing
mass death amongst civilians just because they reject tyranny,
criminality and brutality of the USA. And you, the American people do
not moved a finger to deter your government or just discourage it so
that it stop backing Al-Qaeda and Daash or attacking poor countries.
You thus destroying your country and your future. So, do not blame
Yemeni people if the savage, oppressive and brutal empire of the USA
was their target to be vanished.

6 Dec 2014


I reached 10613m in beach. Check out how far you go: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fingersoft.hillclimb

11 Nov 2014


America! You are just Al-razzem. And we are now breathing.

Here, read this, so that you know what Al-razzem means and how to defeat it.

My mind have  woken up but my body not. All of what is around me is real not a dream, I can hear noises and I'm aware of what's going one around. I can also see colorful lights and I can feel the world around. But I can't move or even talk because I slept over and my body is exhausted. Breathing faster than normal as always will help me move.

While I am sleeping, my eyes are closed, and there is no chance for the light to get through my eyes, but I still can see things happening. We called this dreams. No limitation to my dreams, I can dream that I am doing anything, fly, jump, turn some stuff into other things, transfer in time to my school days and anything one can imagine. Other thing I discovered about my  dreams is that, my dreams depend on my health and my body condition. For example, I can only see pain in the form of anything when my stomach fails to digest the supper fat, and see only food when I sleep hungry.  That is the normal dreams.
But there is  something else, sometimes  I am not asleep anymore, but people still think I am asleep. But the real thing is that  I have just woken up and can hear and understand all  the others chatting around me, and sometimes if there's light I can see things that are around, but unable to do any controllable movement. Here in Yemen some people say to me this is called (Al-razzem). Al-razzem as the people here describe is a heavyweight imaginary person that comes to someone at the sleep time and lays his heavyweight body over the sleeping person making him unable to move. For me I think it's something else.  I think its just health, the body is exhausted.
Here I'll tell you what happened to me one day.
One morning I woke up, or rather my mind woke up. And this is the story.
I woke up but could not  speak or move a hand or a leg. My eyes were still almost closed except for a little line enabling some light in, I couldn't open them, I could hear and understand people talking around me, they thought I was still sleeping.
”Anyone wake me up please” I tried to say ”someone rais me, put away this heavy blanket” but I couldn't talk, the only thing I could control is my breathing, I could make it faster than normal, and that always helps my exhausted body to move again. I tried to speak and succeed only to make a bad voice of someone who is dieing as the air goes out through throat. ((when I'm alone and there is no one beside my bed I don't make any sound I just breath faster calmly because I am aware that there is no use of making a voice when not one is around)) that means that I'm conscious and not asleep.
I made that bad voice, my younger brother, uncle and a few kids were in the room that I was sleeping in. They noticed me. ”He is dreaming” my brother said. ”A nightmare or he is suffering from pain, he is ill” one of the kids said. ”I am not dreaming, I'm just trying to talk to you, I want you to help me get up. I want you to shake me, rais me, open the windows for frush air, do something” I tried to say to my brother sitting beside me. Only a bad voice of a suffering patient was coming out of my throat.
My uncle was also there but a bit far from me. He heard me, and he knew what I was going through. He told my brother to shake me up and told him that I was suffering from Al-razzem a condition that makes it's victim unable to move. My brother took his hand, put it softly on my cheek and with an even softer movement he shook my head while calling on me ”Abdu, wake up” in a low voice. He respects me, he is not  the one to shake me harder or rais his voice on me because I am his older brother. ”I am going to kill you my brother when I'm able to move” I decided, ”my uncle told you to shake me up not to flirt with me” At last I moved. I defeated Al-razzem by breathing.
Living near Sana'a three thousand meters above see level, I think my body needs more oaksigyen to be able to move. I always succeed to get over this situation by breathing faster. Al-razzem is a word which means something or someone who gives or makes alot of pressure downward using it's heavy weight. Old people hear in Yemen say Al-razzem comes at might to someone who eats gat everyday and stopped eating it for that day. (gat is a tree, it's leaves used widely in Yemen) but mine is a deferent story, it comes to me when I sleep more than I need. I wake up the first time active. When there is nothing to do, I go back to sleep, after an hour I wake up very tiered, again I go back to sleep, the third time I wake up unable even to say a word or move any tiny part of my body. Maybe gat could be the reason, it burns the body enrage in a short time and prevent one from eating enough. But its not the main reason. The main reason is over sleeping.

America! We are breathing faster and will defeat Al-razzem.